Use Porch Columns and Round Columns to Give Elegant Look to Your Home

Published: 18th October 2011
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If you would like to change or update the appearance of your porch in an interesting and dramatic way, then you should go for porch columns. With various styles and price choices, these columns can be the designing elements that you are searching for.

While generally made from fiberglass, wood, FRP or stone, porch columns in Sydney are to serve on the structural level and also improve the beauty of porches. These columns are often made for matching porch railings to improve an overall look and they are also available in a wide range of designs for curb appeal.

Fiberglass porch columns are famous due to their impact-resistance and aesthetic appeal. Fiberglass columns may also be square or round, ridged or smooth, but they can also be made to look classy. These round columns can also be load bearing depending upon the situation. These round columns in Sydney are moisture, weather, and insect resistant.

Wood porch columns in Sydney are considered best when they are created from poplar, mahogany, pine, cherry, maple, teak, redwood and oak. They come in various styles and may be purchased smooth or with complete carving, which can add to their beauty and look. These round columns can also be combined with brick or stone for giving the different look and feel.

Fiberglass round columns in Sydney are more impact resistant as compared to wood round columns and need very little maintenance because they can withstand sunlight, heat, insects, rust, and rot.

You can also consider buying aluminum front columns because they can be elegant and very cost effective. You can get a lot of styles and designs in these porch columns. Aluminum porch columns can also be utilized for both non load bearing and load-bearing applications. They are light weighted columns and thus can be installed and carried easily. Aluminum is considered a popular choice for front porch railings.

Other option that you can go for is pre-cast stone porch columns. Pre-cast stone is less labor intensive and less expensive. Natural stone need to be chiseled from a bigger stone and still you have to watch for crevices or cracks that are difficult to see. You can select the design and color while working with pre-cast stone, which is harder to get in case of natural stone. Since pieces are manufactured, so you get the flexibility of purchasing halves, one-piece shafts, or even sections for covering steel support. Pre-cast stone gives a unique and beautiful appearance to your columns.

If you want to improve the appearance and beauty of your porch, then the best way is to go for porch columns.

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